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At 27 she would have never known how the world would change her.

If only there had been a place that could have bottled the way she spoke, the outfit she would have picked for a special date, the way she was feeling. A place where our mom could have come and laughed, had a cup of coffee, got her picture taken, spoken a little about her day, and felt totally relaxed.

A place where there were happy memory keepers on the other side of a camera who understood how important these glimpses of who she really was, would someday be.

The vision of such a place is where TellChronicles, the memory shack was born.

Our mom was beautiful, but more than that, she had a sparkle. With her Elizabeth Taylor coloring mixed with a certain vulnerability and charm, she won over the heart of every Catholic School Boy in the affluent county of Ladue. Our dad proposed to her on the second date. Our Grandfather's only sly comment to his son upon hearing his plans was, You have no business marrying a woman that beautiful.

She said yes and they started a family.

She had a nervous breakdown and was soon after diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Growing up people stared wherever we went. It was always something... a gasmask, her face covered in charcoal. To all but her children (who were lucky enough to still recognize what was left of her sparkle) she became unrecognizable.

People who knew her before, always said things like, "I wish you had met your mom in her twenties before she got sick."

If only there had been a storefront that's sole purpose was to capture the fleeting sparkle in a beautiful 27 years old's eye.